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Directors & Auteurs:


Barolojoe said...


Every mentioned name above deserves the honour.

Though, there is one peculiar, funny thing which distinguishes your blog from many other ambitious film blogs worldwide:

Ten of my personal Top 20 all-time directors are completely ignored in your listing:

- Erich von Stroheim
- Glauber Rocha
- Andrei Tarkovsky
- Sergei Paradjanov
- Jules Dassin
- Luis Buñuel
- John Cassavetes
- Samuel Fuller
- John Ford
- Anthony Mann

....exluding all ten - well, that's not only unfair but highly discriminating.... :->


The Film Sufi said...
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The Film Sufi said...

Interesting, Barolojo, that's a rather eclectic list of yours. In the future I do intend to include Luis Bunuel and perhaps Jules Dassin.

Fiddlin Bill said...

I would hope that one day you will consider and review some of the great films of Reiner Fassbinder. His work compares favorably to Antonioni.