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Directors & Auteurs:


Barolojoe said...


Every mentioned name above deserves the honour.

Though, there is one peculiar, funny thing which distinguishes your blog from many other ambitious film blogs worldwide:

Ten of my personal Top 20 all-time directors are completely ignored in your listing:

- Erich von Stroheim
- Glauber Rocha
- Andrei Tarkovsky
- Sergei Paradjanov
- Jules Dassin
- Luis Buñuel
- John Cassavetes
- Samuel Fuller
- John Ford
- Anthony Mann

....exluding all ten - well, that's not only unfair but highly discriminating.... :->


The Film Sufi said...
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The Film Sufi said...

Interesting, Barolojo, that's a rather eclectic list of yours. In the future I do intend to include Luis Bunuel and perhaps Jules Dassin.

Fiddlin Bill said...

I would hope that one day you will consider and review some of the great films of Reiner Fassbinder. His work compares favorably to Antonioni.

Jugu Abraham said...

MK, do try to catch up with Syberberg's "Hitler: a film from Germany" a 7.5 hour film and you will know what you have missed. Also Kozintsev's "King Lear" and "Hamlet." I am sure you won't regret your effort.

The Film Sufi said...

Thanks for the pointers, Jugu. I will try and track these down.

Unknown said...

You don't mention Speilberg or Lucas.